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Monican Spies

The ORIGIONAL Æon Flux Community

The Origional Æon Flux Community
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The dream to awaken our world...

You're out of control...

I TAKE control...

Who's side are you on?

I take no side...

What you truly want, only I can give...

You can't give it, can't even buy it, and you just don't... GET IT.

aeon flux site!

This is the origional Æon Flux community for LJ... bringing you everything Æon Flux since July of 2004. All are welcome to join and post as long as you follow the rules:

1. No Flaming of newbs unless they are really asking for it.
3. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for being disrespectful to any member. Debates are one thing, but being rude, disrespectful and ignorant is childish and is grounds for immediate removal.
4. Respect peoples opinions. You might think the movie or the comic or game sucks, but just because you feel that way doesn't give you the right to be a prick to people who don't agree with you.
5. Language is not a problem but dont get carried away. There are more words in the english language than "fuck". Also, No porno, intolerance, racism, or anything of that sort.
6. Have FUN! this is what the community is about!
7. ALWAYS respect the moderators and fellow members.

You are free to join or leave whenever you want! If someone is giving you a hard time, please contact a Moderator and let them know so that differences can be resolved.

~Patty Voorhees~

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