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Aeon Flux 2005 movie script leak.

Greetings my fellow monican's I haven’t posted here before but I’ve been here awhile. And today I come bearing gift's. While combing the interweb I fund this juicy little gem, someone got hold of the 2005 script for the movie. However due to legal reasons they didn’t post the whole thing. But I thought you guys would get a kick out of what’s in it so far. So here ya go

P.S. has anyone seen the new trailer on ? It really makes the movie look allot more promising then I originally thought. Maybe it actually will live up to the cartoon after all. ( I still say they should have animated the movie though )


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That script has too much potential...
It MUST be fake.

Or I'll soon be eating my own words.



November 16 2005, 16:37:32 UTC 15 years ago

That script is fake (its making fun of the idea of a live-action Holywood movie being based on Aeon Flux). However Aeon DOES have a fake black eyeball that she uses to spy on people in the new film (you can see it in the trailer). Whether she moans with pleasure while removing her normal eyeball has yet to be seen.

I can't see the link to the trailer you posted. How did you get on the Aeon webmaster program? Do you actually have an Aeon website or did you just BS your way into the program? Is this trailer actually all-new?

Re: Fake


November 16 2005, 16:58:48 UTC 15 years ago

I just realized you were probably referring to the old theatrical trailer on the main page of the site. If that's the case, just ignore the second paragraph of my post.
Okay anon person. Weather its fake or not. I can't confirm because duh I haven’t seen the movie. no one has. but it's still an amusing read none the less... however moaning with pleasure while removing strange body parts DOES seem like something Aeon would do.

also. the trailer just starts playing once you enter the website from the link I posted (it works for me, and no one else has complained yet) weathe rits new or not i have no idea thats why i asked if anyone else saw it yet. and I kinda work here, it's my job to post that link everywhere to get more points for this community. this joint is called Monican spies for a reason it IS an Aeon flux website so I don't see why you asked when you ON an Aeon flux website.

Re: Fake


November 16 2005, 17:17:16 UTC 15 years ago

It works fine, I was just confused by the fact that you linked to instead of just plain old But I understand now.
The trailer I see whan I go the official page is the old one. I might have cookies problems, but when I go the trailers link, that's still the one I get.
That script has a funny story, behind it. It was supposed to be a fake, a parody of the movie, but apparently in the movie there's the scene in which Aeon removes her eye ball and replace it with some sort of spying device that looks uncannily like the one described in that script.

I agree about the trailer I saw on the site. It was much better than the one i saw on television..
I read something Charlize Theron said about how the movie has potential, [disregarding whatever you posted about the script- i didn't read it] but because of course, they can never get it as real to the cartoon, its impossible, that diehard fans will probably be disapointed.

I know I will be. I wish they'd make more cartoons, but at least I actually want to see the movie now. I used to be absolutely against it.
There's a new trailer out, I haven't seen it, but they tell me it aired with Lost, and apparently they show Aeon/Charlize dead in it, and put in what it could some sort of body bag.
Anybody saw it?