Hello all ;)

YESSSSSSSSS... a real Aeon Flux group :) *winks

who's home?


What did I read a few posts down??
More Aeon Flux anime in the works??????????????

I wonder if it really will happen..hm.
As long as it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the movie it will be great ......

Does anyone know more about it?


GET the Aeon Flux Collection!!! (if you dont already have it! lol)
It has everything!!!
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New episodes of AF mostly confirmed!


Thanks to everyone who bought the DVD set, mtv has agreed to produce more animated Aeon.
It will not run on mtv, so no BS&P to contend with.

Myhope is to make the best version of AF yet. Closer in tone and style tothe LTV shorts, but with a longer running time, a complex,character-driven story, and the relationship between Trevor and Aeonpreserved from the series. Dialog will be minimal. Visual storytellingwill be exploited to its fullest. (I've realized that for myself, theLTV shorts have the greatest replay value for those reasons.)

Whenthe project starts, there is a plan is to set up a new official websitededicated to AF which will include production news and discussion.

So far, this is the plan. Everything could change tomorrow, but as I said, things are looking good for now.

-- Peter Chung, Wednesday, 3 October 2007 21:01 (5 days ago) Link

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The New Layout!

Hello to all of you! Patty here, updating to let you know that the new layout is here. I decided to go old school Æon with the color scheme (Black, Grey and Purple) and since I couldn't find a suitable picture to use for the background, I made a collage of assorted pictures of the cartoon. (I didn't use any pictures from the movie because most of you aren't fond of it, and to be honest it seems out of place here.)
If you would like to see the full picture that makes up the BG, Collapse )

I hope you enjoy the new layout as much as I enjoyed making it for you! I would definitely appreciate any feedback or comments about it. See ya soon and remember that they can kill some of us, but Monica will go on!

~Patty V.

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Hi all ♥

I'm in the search of an Aeon Flux Friends-Only banner for my journal (original ANIMATED Aeon, not that Charlize stuff). Can anyone help?

I'd especially love to have the two Aeons from the "cloning" episode... maybe a pic of them kissing even?


I thought this would be the place to check... please let me know if anyone has anything like this, or any Aeon FO banner at all.

Thanks ~ Miss K
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